• Star Glory Mathematic drawing instrument
  • Star Glory Mathematic drawing instrument


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Sku: ST12

Star Glory Metal Geometry Box is a high-quality geometry box containing mathematical Drawing Instruments. Star Glory Metal Geometry Box contains 09 pcs. Contents are : –01 Pc – Compass,01 Pc – Divider,01 Pc – Set Square 45degree,01 Pc – Set Square 60degree,01 Pc – Pencil,01 Pc – Scale (15cm),01 Pc – Eraser,01 Pc – Sharpener,01 Pc – Protractor 180degree,01 Pc – Scissor,01 Pc – Tape Features:-Specially designed self centering compass, for ease and accuracy while drawing circles & angles. Both divider and compass are made with non-rusting strong material to last long and remain in shape and shine. The plastic used in ruler, protractor and set square are made of high transparency plastic and comes with precise marking for easy reading and accurate drawings. The special technique of marking ensures that the marking are clearly visible after extensive use.

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