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Protection from germs without soap and water,Fruity fragrance,Kills 99% germs,For external use only,Replaceable Lock for Jungle Magic Lunch Packz

Hand Sanitiz Category: Kids hand sanitizer Description: 100% natural and skin safe hand sanitizer for kids with 3 fruity fragrances, Dino, Pandy and Parry. The best way to make sure that your kid eats food and not germs during lunch time. Usage: Apply on your palm, rub it over back of hands & fingertips until dry. Why Jungle Magic Hand Sanitiz: – It keeps the kids safe from germs and bacterias. – Better protection compared to water and soap. – Probability of a kid using Jungle Magic Hand Sanitz is more as the bottles and the characters have a kid’s appeal. – Fruity fragrances doesn’t make it smell like a normal alcohol based sanitizers.

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