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Ro+uf+uv+tds Adjuster Water Purifier,12Ltr Storage Capacity,Filters :- Sediment Filter,Activated Carbon,Safe Drinking Water,Reduces harmful water borne bacteria and virus from water

Aqua Frisch Nexus Grand Blue Ro+uf+uv+tds 12 Ltr Water Purifiers Ro+uf+uv+tds Water Purifiers 12 Ltr Storage Filters :- Sediment Filter,Activated Carbon Membrane:Ro Membrane,Uf Membrane 1st Stage: Sediment Filter – Removes Dust and Sediment Impurities From Water 2nd Stage: Carbon Filter – Removes Chlorine,Bromine and Odour From Water 3rd Stage: Ro Membrane – Removes Dissolved Impurities From Water 4th Satge: Uf Membrane – Removes Bacteria, Cyst From Water 5th Stage: 11 Watt Uv Lamp – Kills Bacteria And virus from water Note:- Prefilter is not the part of standard equipment.

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